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China will again get teased on Indo-Taiwan friendship


Indicative proximity of India and Taiwan is also not appealing to China. In such a situation, the special love expressed by Taiwan on Indians on Taiwan’s national day will serve to further tease China.

India has a very friendly and cordial relationship with Taiwan, despite not having diplomatic relations. Taiwan is very happy with the love of Indians. Saturday 10 October is Taiwan’s National Day. Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu has tweeted that many friends of India are ready to join in celebrating Taiwan’s National Day. This amazing support has touched our hearts. thanks for this. He said, when I say that I like India, I really do.

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Significantly, Taiwan advertised in Indian newspapers about its first national day. China expressed its displeasure over these advertisements printed in newspapers. India had responded to China and said that there is an independent press here that decides what it wants to print and show.

Registering a strong objection to China’s move, Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu tweeted that India is the largest democratic country in the world and the media here has complete independence. It seems that the Communist Party of China wants to impose censorship here too, but Taiwan’s Indian friends will give the same answer to China ‘Get lost’.

Even though New Delhi has no formal diplomatic relations with Taipei, the two sides have close trade and cultural ties. This dispute has come at a time when India and China are not having good relations over the border dispute.

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