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Gay couple plead with Delhi High Court

A same-sex couple on Thursday urged the Delhi High Court to issue directions to implement the Special Marriage Act for all couples irrespective of their gender identity. .

The single judge bench of Justice Naveen Chawla referred the matter to a Division Bench, which is hearing such a case and listed it for hearing next week.

The couple has urged the High Court to declare the Special Marriage Act 1954 as unconstitutional as it does not have a provision regarding marriage between same-sex couples and the court should issue directions that the Special Marriage Act 1954 be for all couples in their Applies regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.

The petition filed by the gay couple has also asked the concerned authorities to get their marriage registered under the Special Marriage Act 1954.

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The petitioner told the court that they have been in a relationship for the last eight years and live together, also sharing money and taking care of the father of one of them, who is over 88 years old.

One of the petitioners is a psychiatrist, while the other is a doctor. The couple are part of a team that has built leading clinics in North India specializing in mental health and learning disabilities for children and young people.

The petition states that they love each other immensely and face the ups and downs of life, sorrow and happiness together. They share everything from clothes to pain while staying together. There is a deep and unbreakable bond between them.

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