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Mike Pence orders closure of boundaries despite CDC experts refusal


Two former US health officials said that the country’s Vice President Mike Pence had instructed the apex agency on disease control to use its emergency powers to effectively close US borders, while the agency’s scientists said That there is no authentic basis to help reduce the outbreak of Corona virus with such a step.

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About 1,50,000 people, including children seeking asylum, have been returned to their country due to the closure of borders. According to these former health officials, a top doctor at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who had decided in relation to these orders, refused to comply with such orders of the Trump administration and said that the issuance of these There is no valid reason for this.

He said Pence then intervened in the case in early March and asked CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield to exercise the agency’s exclusive legal authority in the case. Officials said the CDC order covers the US borders with Mexico and Canada, but has affected thousands of people and migrants arriving at the southern border for asylum.

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