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China’s opposition in Canada, India, Hong Kong on Tibet issue

Canadian and Indian organizations protested against the arrest of Canadian nationals outside China outside the Chinese Consulate Office in Vancouver, Canada. He also protested against the new national security law in Hong Kong, raising slogans against the Communist Party of China. Apart from this, the protesters were also demanding the liberation of Hong Kong, Tibet and Indian parts from China.

In Toronto, around 300 protesters gathered outside the Chinese consulate. Among them was Eudan Shmotshang, a Free Board Chair for Students for Tibet Canada. She said the year was particularly different from the “protests already held”, because “a lot of eyes are on the Chinese government. Kovid-19 and human rights atrocities are big reasons for this. Those who gathered, Uyger , Native to Tibetan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and southern Mongolia. An Indian flag was also waved during the protest as India faces China in Ladakh as a sign of solidarity.

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Six main issues were raised in the protest. That Occupied Tibet is one of the lowest free places in the world, with millions of Uygars in eastern Turkestan occupying large-scale detention camps, besides loss of fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong, eradication of southern Mongolian culture, and Taiwan’s Language, bullying and geopolitical bullying and the detention and disappearance of countless Chinese lawyers, feminists and activists.

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