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Karan Johar irksome; ‘Unedited & Authentic ’19 party’ the video went Viral!

Dharma Productions Director-Producer Karan Johar again in headlines due to his viral 2019 Party video, to which he denied any claims of using Drugs inside the premises.

Karan Johar, who is known for his way ahead and classy composure is under trouble in the Drug link matter, which is being investigated by the Narcotics Control Bureau Agency. He had also released a statement earlier dismissing all allegations against him and claimed of neither using any Narcotics substances nor he encourages or promotes the same. The NCB team has received the authentic forensic report of the Party video which held back in 2009 at Karan Johar’s mansion. The video is upraised with certain questions of drug consumption by the celebs present over there at the party. A person named Manjinder Singh Sirsa officially complained with the NCB to investigate over the video clip. Also, Karan Johar released a lengthy statement in his twitter handle clarifying that the allegations are false and baseless and he never supports any Drug-related activities.

It has been confirmed by the forensic report that the video is authentic, unedited and no sort of tampering has been done with it. The NCB top officials are planning to conduct a meeting with the agency chief Rakesh Asthana regarding these matters and their next course of action is yet to be decided. Also, the Agency Officials added, soon after the “drug party” video went viral, that they are not concerned about really probing the “party video”, rather they are more focused towards their investigation in this drug matter which is somehow surrounded with the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

This viral video was posted back on 8th July 2019 by Karan Johar himself, which included several Bollywood celebrities in the party, Deepika Padukone, Arjun Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, Varun Dhawan, Shahid Kapoor, Malaika Arora partying together. The nose-pointing focus drags around one of the specific part of that video, where Vicky Kaushal appears to be ‘sniffing’ and something resembling a white pattern was seen close to him along with Ayan Mukherji on his side.

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Manjinder Singh Sirsa, who had filed a complaint against Karan Johar and others, relating to the video and claimed that “drugs were used” by the party animals over there. He mentioned in his tweet, along with a copy of the complaint, that “That party video must be investigated into.” Post that, the NCB Officials started its investigation process probing the authenticity of the viral video. They wanted to assure about the reality of the video or whether it is proctored.

Karan Johar, on the other side, is rigid about his statement, which he released over the social platform dismissing all the allegations against him. He also said that he neither consumes any Narcotics substances nor promotes or encourages consumption of any such substances and he strictly doesn’t engage in any such activities. The statement released by him mentions that “Certain news channels, print/electronic media, and social media platforms are wrongly and misleadingly reporting that narcotics were consumed at the party that I, Karan Johar hosted on 28th July 2019 at my residence. I had already clarified my position way back in 2019 that the allegations were false.” He further added, “In view of the current malicious campaign, I’m reiterating that the allegations are completely baseless and false. No narcotics substance was consumed in the party.” He is firm on his statements when he replied to the certain allegations and accusations made on him.


“The “Drug nexus” is scattering towards the biggies with a lot of circumstances, which is further to be seen of going ahead and turning directions and pathways.”

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