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NCB Denial to the claim of linked former staff of Karan Johar!

Director-Producer Karan Johar’s Ex-Staff recently alleged that the NCB Agency forced him to implicate the director; to which NCB clearly denied.

The Anti-Drug agency which is in light nowadays for its ongoing investigation in Drug-trafficking and dealing agenda with the Bollywood Stars. Meanwhile, A person claiming to be an Ex-Staff of Karan Johar said that Narcotics Control Bureau forced him to falsely implicate Karan Johar and other executives of the film production company in the recent investigation of Drug links and consumption. On the other hand, Karan refused of knowing Prasad( person claiming himself as his former staff) and mentioned neither he nor Dharma Productions are responsible “for what people do in their personal lives.”

The former Dharmatic Entertainment employee, Kshitij Prasad, was called upon by the NCB Agency for further investigation in connection with the “drug nexus” proliferating within the Bollywood Industry, and he was placed under arrest on Saturday. However replying to the claim made by Prasad, Deputy DG of NCB (South West), Mutha Ashok Jain said the investigation was being carried in a professional manner” and refuted the claimed allegation by Prasad.

Kshitij Prasad, 30 years said he was a part of Dharmatic Entertainment Productions back in November 2019. The NCB said they found a “roll joint believed to be remains of smoked ganja” which they seized from his house. Also, the NCB officials submitted their statements before court on Sunday that they got another statement by an accused in this case that, Prasad had made bank and cash payments to the tune of 3500 rupees each on around a dozen occasions between May and July, regarding the purchase of Ganja. Meanwhile, the official lawyer of Prasad, Satish Maneshinde said that his client had been “harassed and blackmailed” forcefully by the NCB investigation team to make his statement. He was presented before the metropolitan magistrate through video conference and thus, said the above-mentioned statements against the NCB investigators.

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Satish Maneshinde claimed in court that, his client’s statement had been recorded by Sameer Wankhede, who is in charge of the Mumbai NCB unit. He said, despite his client’s several protests, he was forced to make patently false claims and the statement was not recorded exactly according to his narration. Also, Maneshinde added, that Prasad was not informed about his official arrest or probe and also he was not permitted to speak to his lawyer once. However, the NCB officials told him that he has to stay the complete night on Friday until his statement is completely recorded.

According to statements by Prasad, The NCB officials apart from Sameer Wankhede were courteous to him and provided him with a comfortable sleeping arrangement. However, the next morning when his Recording of the statement procedure resumed, Kshitij Prasad was categorically informed by Sameer Wankhede along with the presence of certain other officers that, since he was involved and associated with Dharma Productions, they can let him go if he implicates Karan Johar and other associated members about their false Drug consumptions. Thus, according to Maneshinde, his client Prasad despite refusing with the certain allegations he was asked to make against Karan Johar and others was pressurized. And due under pressure, that was being mounted on him unnecessarily, and as he didn’t know about any of those people personally, he however agreed to falsely implicate his statements. To which Sameer Wankhede mentioned his denial, mentioning about the investigation being carried professionally.

However, seeking Prasad’s custody, the NCB submitted that another accused person Ankush Arneja mentioned in his statement, that he had supplied hashish to Prasad through accused Sanket Patel on certain occasions. Alongside mentioning the delivery of around 50 grams of Ganja in his  Andheri residence he was granted bail. The remaining Ganja was collected from Prasad’s home along with certain documents and gadgets. According to NCB officials, Prasad was not at all cooperating with his interrogation process and thus they sought his custody until October 5. Also, Maneshinde added, Prasad was made to sit on the floor opposite Wankhede putting his shoe near Prasad’s face, which “traumatized” him. Thus, he was “fatigued and shaken” and put forth on a condition of signing a statement after which, he could be allowed to make a call to his lawyer. Under huge pressure and desperation to speak to his family and lawyer, Prasad unwillingly signed the statement.

“The “Drug nexus” presently sprouting to the branches and roots is just expected to enclose more vivid corners within the Industry.”

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