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Delhi-NCR ranks among top 10 markets of the world

Delhi-NCR was one of its top 10 global markets for Uber, a taxi booking service provider on the app. The company said on Monday that people here made more than 1 million trips every week from Uber. Uber gave this information based on the trips booked on the company’s platform. Delhi-NCR was the only Indian region in the company’s top 10 global markets. The company said in a statement that it shows the strategic importance of Delhi and India in its global business.

“After a long lockdown, the people of Delhi-NCR have resumed the yatras,” the company said. Statistics show that the car’s preference for traffic among people has increased. It is followed by autorickshaws and motorcycles. The lockdown announced in March also affected companies like Uber and Ola. These companies have also started their operations after the gradual removal of the lockdown. According to the statement, there has also been an increase in long distance travel. The peak hours of eight to 10 in the morning and Monday to Friday were the busiest days of the week.

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Prabhjit Singh, president of Uber’s India and South Asia businesses, said that it is exciting for Delhi to join Uber’s top 10 global markets in September, given the number of trips. This shows India’s contribution to Uber’s business growth.

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