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Mukesh Khanna lashed out on ‘Thaali comment’ by Jaya Bachchan!

Mukesh Khanna fumed on Jaya Bachchan’s “thali” comment and abruptly mentioned, everyone works hard and You haven’t given us the food.

Mukesh Khanna, who is most commonly known for his fabulous and energetic roles in the Industry is agitated by Jaya Bachchan’s comment, that she made in the reply to the statements by his fellow Lok Sabha member Ravi Kishan and Actor Kangana Ranaut regarding the “drug abuse matter”. She said, “Jis thalli mein khaate hain usmein chhed karte hain,” which is the Hindi version of the proverb, “Biting the Hands that feeds you.” She meant by her statement, that where the People make their Careers, have no respect for their workplace or the Industry which gives them a name, fame, and livelihood.

Mukesh Khanna slammed the statement made by Big-B’s wife Jaya Bachchan as “ridiculous”. In an interview with a media house, he mentioned “If anybody feels uncomfortable of this investigation to be done for drugs, if a person like Ravi Kishan says “drugs chalti hai” and then somebody replies, “Jis thaali mein khaate ho usi mein chhed karte ho”, it’s simply ridiculous and nothing else. You may say according to your opinion that if, he is right or wrong but, no one has given you the right to say anything regarding the comment you made. As everyone over here works hard and no one is giving anybody food.

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Also, Actor Ranvir Shorey had previously expressed his cryptic post and was very unhappy with “thaali” comment abruptly made by Jaya Bachchan. He somehow linked it with the previously ongoing Nepotism debate. He mentioned in his post as follows- “Thaaliyaan sajaate hain yahan apne bachon ke liye, Hum jaison ko phenke jaate hain sirf tukde. Apna tiffin khud pack karke kaam pe jaate hain hum. Kisine kuch diya nahi hai humein.  Jo hai woh hai, jo log humse yahan le nahi sake. Inka bas chalta toh woh bhi apne hi bachhon ko de dete.” This post mentioned in Hindi defines that, They decorate the plates for their children. We are thrown away in pieces manner. We pack our tiffin ourselves and then go to work. Nobody has given us anything. And he also said, what we have is with us and nobody can take it from us. If it would have been possible for them, they would have given that as well to their kids only!

“This Comment slams and Tweet fights are raising to some clouds which might fall off with heavy rain or may dismiss or disappear in the sky itself.”

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