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Kangana Ranaut to quit: if hits her tweets!

Kangana Ranaut allegedly said that she will quit the twitter platform; if proven wrong that she never starts a fight ever!

The ongoing war between the Celebs and the government, regarding their words, is taking a heavy toll day-by-day. Actor Kangana Ranaut who is in news everywhere has recently stated that starting from the “drug abuse” comments to the Shiv Sena matter and certain other comments, which are made by her involving, Sanjay Raut, actress Urmila Matondkar, Jaya Bachchan, etc., had neither a motive to raise a fight nor it was ever initiated by her. According to her, she only speaks the right thing and never supports any mishappening. As previously mentioned, she would return her Padma Shri. If proven wrong in her claims towards the “Movie Mafia” agenda, once again she said, she will quit the Twitter platform, if she is proven wrong.

She recently shared her views and expressed her thoughts in her Twitter handle, that “I may come across as a very ladaku person but it’s not true, I have a record of never starting a fight, I will quit twitter if anyone can prove otherwise, I never start a fight but I finish every fight.” She also mentioned that Lord Krishna said when someone asks you to fight you musn’t deny them.

In a recent interview with a media house, Kangana pointed on Urmila Matondkar’s acting skills. She also didn’t step back to mention her as a “soft porn star”. She mentioned her statement as follows-“ Urmila, she is a ‘soft porn star’. I know it’s very blatant. But she isn’t known for her acting for sure. What is she known for then? For doing soft porn right? If she can get a ticket, why won’t I get a ticket.”

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The light got emitted towards the tweets exchange between Kangana Ranaut and Anurag Kashyap and it went for dwelling everyone’s attention. Anurag sarcastically mentioned her reply to Kangana, asking her to go and fight for India against China, since she believes she is the real gem, and ‘Manikarnika’ according to her terms. This reply was made by Anurag to the tweet where Kangana herself famed as a “warrior.” He firmly said, “You are the only one sister- the one true Manikarnika. Take four or five people with you and fight China. See how far inside our territory they have come. Show them that India has nothing to worry about until such time as you’re there to protect us. The LAC is just a day’s journey from your house. Go, our tigress. Jai Hind.” Kangana further made a quick reply to this, wherein she mentioned- “Oh!! I see you having an embarrassing meltdown here, hardly making any sense, anyway don’t want to make it worse, I step back, don’t feel bad friend please have hot haldi milk and go to sleep, tomorrow is a new day.” This was further carried away by another tweet from Mr. Kashyap, where he drafted a metaphor issue with mentioning the “dialogue-writer issue. He again sarcastically slashed Kangana with her words and mentioned, he knows the truth, as to how it really is!

“The catfight of the words war is just whipping on with splashes of ornamental sarcasm as well as with direct hits and really it’s unpredictable for further clashes.”

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