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The truth of Russian corona vaccine, test on just 38 people, many side effects

The corona vaccine that Russian President Vladimir Putin declared to be successful was tested on only 38 people. This has been revealed in the Daily Mail report citing official documents from Russia. At the same time, information about several side effects of the vaccine has also been revealed. According to the report, the vaccine was approved after investigation on only 38 people.

According to the Fontanka News Agency, pain, swelling, high fever have been reported as a side effect of the Russian Corona vaccine. At the same time, complaints such as feeling weakness, lack of energy, no appetite, headache, diarrhea, nasal congestion, sore throat and runny nose have also been reported.

The report claimed that the Russian authorities approved the vaccine after just 42 days of research. For this reason, it is not known how effective the vaccine is.

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In the papers given for the registration of the vaccine, it was written that there has been no clinical study on the effect of the vaccine on the epidemic. However, Putin said that the vaccine has passed all the required tests.

Russia has named its Corona vaccine as Sputnik V and is also preparing supplies in many countries. However, many scientists around the world have strongly criticized Russia’s move. Scientists fear that the vaccine may prove epidemic and macabre if it turns out to be false or dangerous.

Putin had said that after applying the vaccine, his daughter only had a fever for a while, but the Fontanka news agency says that there are many problems as a side effect of the vaccine. These problems also repeat in the person’s body and often remain for a long time.

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