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Captain Amarinder Singh lost mental balance after questioning 121 deaths : Pratap Bajwa

In Punjab, disputes between Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and Congress Party MP Pratap Singh Bajwa have been steadily increasing. Bajwa has accused Captain Amarinder Singh of disturbing his mental balance. PS Bajwa said on Wednesday, “Captain Amarinder Singh has lost his mental balance due to questions raised by his party MP regarding the life of 121 people due to fake liquor.”

Bajwa attacked the CM after Captain Amarind’s response to Bajwa’s letter attributing the Chief Minister and Punjab DGP for any loss while writing to the Chandigarh DGP after the security cuts. He said, “I want to ask Captain Amarinder Singh if he believes in democracy.” You are a democratically elected Chief Minister and not the Maharaja of Patiala. ”

Earlier, taking seriously the attack of Congress MP Pratap Singh Bajwa on the honesty and impartiality of Punjab Police Chief Dinkar Gupta, Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh defended him. Amarinder Singh told Bajwa that if he has any complaint against the state government, he should write a letter to me or the party high command in Delhi. After a letter to Bajwa’s DGP Gupta, the Chief Minister said that it reflected the frustration of the Rajya Sabha MP and exposed his ‘lies’ in the matter.

Capt Amarinder said, Bajwa had said that he was exposing the police and drugs nexus, allegations of production and distribution of illicit liquor, protection of the state in Punjab and illegal mining on a large scale. If the government had to take any retaliatory action against Bajwa, it would not have waited for the Center to provide security. The Chief Minister said that did we not always tolerate criticism of the state government on your behalf. He quipped that even opposition parties in the state could not accuse his government of spying. The Captain said that it was his decision as Home Minister to withdraw the security from Bajwa. This was based on an intelligence report from the Punjab Police.

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The Chief Minister made it clear that it was his decision to withdraw the security of the Congress MP as he was the Home Minister of the state. He said that this decision was taken based on the intelligence of the Punjab Police. Bajwa’s personal attack on the DGP is not only wrong but against the culture of the Congress party. He said that if Bajwa does not trust me and my government, then why not put him in front of the high command. Did he not trust the party high command too?

Bajwa said that during the past few years several intelligence reports have confirmed his threat. Bajwa alleged that the police has prepared a ‘fake threat report’ to eliminate the threat of danger on him. The Punjab government had last week decided to withdraw the security of the Rajya Sabha member’s state police, saying he had received central security cover and posed no threat.

Angered by this, Bajwa accused Chief Minister Amarinder Singh of endangering his entire family as he criticized the government. The MP wrote an open letter to Gupta on Tuesday, in which he said that he was not writing to restore police security.

Bajwa had said that I am concerned about politicizing the threat assessment report and allocating security. The former Punjab Congress chief said that he had been exposing the ‘political-police-drug nexus’. Together they have exposed the production and distribution of illicit liquor and illegal mining in Punjab under the purported patronage of the state in the last total years.

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