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According to Trump The Spanish flu Ended WW2

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After a eventful press meet on Monday with Secret Service hustle of moving on hearing gunshots near The White House President Donald Trump claimed in an cut and right manner and ofcourse incorrectly that the Spanish flu according to him occured in 1917 ended the second world war. 

The second World war only started after two decades after the pandemic. President may have meant the end of the first World War as it overlapped the starting of the pandemic in 1918 not in 1917. He also said that the the pandemic which was caused due to H1N1 virus . It infected 500 million people and killed at least 50 million people. He also compared  both the covid19 pandemic and the Spanish flu on the spread rate .Trump was criticized in Twitter for the errors he spoke.  

Later that day Trump was immediately escorted by the Secret Service on hearing loud gunshots near the white , on precisely in the happening of the event the officials say that the president was never in any kind of danger and that they believe that the gunshots was not meant or targeted at him. The law enforcement was said to be included in the gub firing occurred at the 17th Street and Pennsylvania Ave. President Trump returned to the briefing short after and reported that the firing was under control. 


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