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Another rape case in Delhi; resemblance with nirbhaya rape case; 12-yr old suffered heinous torture & multiple stabs!

The 12-year-old girl faced inhuman and brutal torture like Nirbhaya case on Thursday in Peera Garhi area of Paschim Vihar in Delhi at her home and she was stabbed with scissors multiple times.

Once again the nation’s capital is under utter shame and brutality is on the peak by another brutal rape case similar to the Nirbhaya gangrape and murder case in 2012. A 12-year-old girl falls into this heinous trap of a demon again and that too helplessly. This heart-trembling incident took place again in the same city where the nation was horrified to face the truth of the Nirbhaya rape case and the denizens pleaded for her justice which took so long to happen. This 12-year-old girl has been stabbed multiple times with the help of a pair of scissors by the alleged rapist. Police have arrested one person on Thursday evening in this case and claimed that accused person of having scratches similarly done for self-resistance and in self-defense by the minor victim.

The minor girl is battling between the knots of life and death in All India Institute Of Delhi (AIIMS) in New Delhi. This incident happened on Thursday evening when the girl was completely alone in her residence when her family was out for work. The girl tried hard to resist the rapist which is confirmed by some instances as the alleged person has several scratch marks on his body as claimed by Delhi Police. According to the earlier Police records, the accused was a keen drug-addict and a criminal with several other previous criminal charges and records and he was recently released on bail. The reports suggest after investigating almost around 100 suspects by analyzing CCTV footage and through questioning the police finally got a clue of the real culprit. But, the Police have refused to reveal any identity of the accused yet. The rapist was drunk heavily while he committed the crime, according to reports of Police. Also, as said by Police officials, the accused sneaked with an intention of theft into the victim’s house.

The minor girl has suffered brutal and serious injuries in her private parts and her intestines and has bled effervescently according to citing sources by her family. She has also got fractures in her head and hips and has been tried to murdered by the culprit in a heinous torturing manner. The girl fought really hard as long as she could with the attacker and rapist and sought for help and then fell unconscious.

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A very similar incident just happened back in 2012 with a Paramedical student Nirbhaya who was brutally gang-raped and been murdered by six men on a running bus. She was also heinously tortured with several inhuman ways and with certain tools on her private organs and the pain she suffered is indescribable. She has been named as “Nirbhaya”, which means the fearless and a documentary and short film has been made on her to express the incredible suffrage of an innocent soul. She later died in the battle of her life but fought hard and the nation prayed for her survival but the inhuman criminals had made so deep an attempt to not let her live anyhow. She died during her treatment in Singapore based hospital.

“Are women safe and sound anywhere? Don’t they deserve equal chances of surviving freely and living a life full of prosperity and enthusiasm?”

“How long womanhood will have to suffer more in dealing with such heinous and inhumanly crimes? How many more Nirbhayas would be sacrificed for fun and joy purposes of the animal skin-bearer humans? How long the torture is going to spread and grow amidst so many women’s rights and laws?” Would it ever be possible for a woman to breathe safely in her skin? Are the laws and rights for women sufficient for her benign living?”

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