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A big Salute To Malappuram District : The  Horrible Plane Crash ,7th August 2020.

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In Kerala , Calicut Airport Air India Flight after landing went over the tabletop runway 30 feet causing the plane to break in two crashing all the way in between. Incident takes place on 7th of August at 7:33 the plane from Dubai the plane lands before hand due to severe rough weather conditions including heavy rain landing was stopped and the flight rises up again to 3600 feet and waited for 20 minutes before they got the next signal for landing from control room. 

      On the second signal the plane landed on further of 1200 meter whereas the safe landing point was 900 meter. The runway is a total of 2700 meter in length. Pilot thought to apply hydraulic breaks but the runway being too wet the attempts went in vain.The flight went out of safety line and went down crashing 30 feet. Pilot , co pilot 4 Cabin crew members and two men were found dead on the arrival of the rescue crew and fire force. On further outlook till date 18 people have been reported to be deceased ;149 said to be hospitalized and 23 went with minor injuries. 

     Further on track we came to know the extremely timely behavior of pilot Dipak Sathe , he a man of 12 year and more experience he drained out the fuel and switched of the  engine before the accident occurred. Hence a huge explosion didn’t occur and he saved lives of more than 180 people on board.  Though fighting with pandemic all the people were vigilant enough to carry out the rescue mission without slightest hesitation after the accident. The captain’s mother was celebrating her 84th birthday but it ended in hearing her son’s death news. Co pilot Akilesh Kumar’s wife is nearing in completing her pregnancy . The shocking news among the pandemic and rising flood threat was like a last nail to the coffin. 


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