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   A tweet against Transgender Community : JK.Rowling backlashed 

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  • Harry Potter series author JK. Rowling was attacked by fury and backlashes for her tweet that kind of put down the transgender community. On first weeks of June Rowling, tweeted a painful controversial tweet. She kind of mocked 

    an article that stated ‘people who menstruate ‘ by saying in her tweet by retweeting that article –  ” ‘People who menstruate’ , I’m sure there is a word for those people. Someone help me out Wumben ? Wimpund ? Woomud?” she wrote. 

           Though her initial tweet gained an uproar of backlashes she again went to explain her tweet without twitching an eye that  ” …..the idea that woman like me , who have been empathetic to trans people for decades , feeling kinship because they are vulnerable in the same way as woman – ie to male violence  – ‘hate’ trans people because they think sex is real and has lived consequences – is a nonsense .” A series of various tweets came from her part to justify her act and she points out that being a woman hearing a statement like that can’t be swallowed by her on whole and for her it’s a form of disrespect. 

         Later on she tweeted a lengthy tweet on her website and a tweet that read TERF wars . Rowling’s tweets also received immediate responses from the Harry Potter actors who though are full of gratitude as she lit their careers but a tweet like that is not agreeable. Many of them went on to say and remind her that enne Harry Potter series was all about magic  of love, acceptance , belonging and courage .And also many pinpointed and raised arguments that Trans women are also woman . The self made billionaire had certainly spoken her side out but that has not been digested by the fans and actors. 

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