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The Dramatic entry of Kanye West for presidential campaign

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The American rap superstar Kanye West (43) had officially announced the start of his presidential bid on 21st of this month in North Charleston. He lashed sharply about the rates of abortions and about immoral films and photographs. He became visibly emotional. 

           He publically gave his support to President Donald Trump and started of his presidential campaign in Charleston. Though he gave an emotional one hour speech and it was on the whole shown live telecast on national television and YouTube but a lot of critical response occurred as though is this for real or is it for extra fame or  ‘show’. During his touching speech he said that when his mother was pregnant his dad had forced her to abort him. With immense shame and regret he also moved on to say that he had also try to force his wife for abortion. 

    After a one hour emotional and personal speech he had said of a vision of twenty twenty and also wanted to work for the blacks for their empowerment. West doing this elections for what primitive cause is still yet doubted. Waiting for the polls and further developments to see whether a super rapper will be on the go for US presidency. Will America see a moment of the music superstar as the supreme head,  we never know. 

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