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Woman is a Work of living Art, not a puppet

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Our society of today is gendered and from ancient times so many things and technologies have come to being but , our society have never forgotten to drag all our ‘gender cultural aspects ‘ till today . In today’s society breaking the stereotypical gender norms is considered worse than being a louche person . 


      Women specifically are affected doubly by the way our society treats them, in turn , by the way they internalize those concepts of what women are and perpetuate a version of that expectation within their group. Being a lady I’ve been made to feel ashamed of things I do because of my gender.  In many parts of our country talking about menstruation is still considered a taboo and something to hush about. Men are also being shamed for being girly when they break emotionally and they are taught that men don’t cry or rather shouldn’t .We should think that they to are humans with sensitive emotions. Famous pop singer Britney Spears talked about the mental health issues she was facing. In an interview with an Israeli newspaper in 2017 she said “From an early age onwards I always felt that everyone was testing me . If something was not in place it would have been enough to get me to this point of anxiety. ” She was used by her dad in a 12 year agreement . She faced many chaos and was like a _puppet_ for someone else’s benefit.

      We even tell our little children bedtime stories and fairytales where they will be heavily influenced in the stereotypical way by the message given: on how women are supposed to behave. How women should be submissive, how they should behave in a specific manner, how they should be dependent on their opposite sex etc. We must teach them to believe in themselves no matter what like Wendy in Peter Pan , to love and care for others like Beauty , to be brave and bold like the little Red Riding Hood, to believe that kindness and forgiveness are elixir for the emotionally hurt and insecure ones like how Cinderella did , to love who they are and love and accept how others are as it is like Jasmine did . All of them had faith in themselves and created their own destinies. 

  Women have all the right to break free from toxic relationships and violences . In Kerala an incident where a 11 yr old child was abused by her own family member and was forced to keep quiet but she spoke up and fortunately got justice . If the little girl boldly spoke up each one of the woman facing violences have the right to speak for themselves. Only you know what you are going through; only you can stand up for your self.

    So women out there be bold enough to break the stereotypes and be strong enough to say others that not to put you in a box of adjectives nor within limits of standards. And not to put labels on you because you are different  – we all are . Be confident to say I’m who I am .


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