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Action continues against ethnic minorities in China by Communist Chinese Government

A church member in Linfen, Shanxi province, says the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has tremendous control over church affairs. Christians and ethnic minorities in China have been witness to Beijing’s heavy rule. Over the years, the nationwide crackdown on churches has continued by Beijing authorities.

According to a report published by Barnabund, the new template for the Charter of Legal Persons in Religious Activities, which took effect in April 2019, demands that all religious sites consist of “clergy members, representatives” of religious citizens and other concerned members Establish a “Democratic Management Committee”. The “Other Relevant Members” section allows CCP officers to become committee members and rein in decisions.

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In the city of Yuzhou, Henan, government officials appointed their assistant campaigners as directors. This was because they met the criteria of “active cooperation with the government”. A pastor member of a “three shelf” church in Tengzhou, Shandong province, said that if we don’t follow the template, our church will be closed. So far, hundreds of “house churches” and “three self” churches have been forcibly closed.

China is looking at wickedness in every way. There has been a situation of confrontation between the Indian and Chinese armies on LAC in Ladakh for almost two months. Although it was agreed to withdraw from both the armies on June 6, China is not implementing it. Due to this, there has been a bloody clash between the two armies on 15 June. After this there was talk between the foreign ministers of the two countries and on 22 June the military commanders also held a marathon meeting. Consent is reached each time, but its implementation is not visible.

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