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Facebook will tell if you are posting an old article

Facebook will now alert users that the article they are going to share is not old. If a user shares an article older than three months, he will get instant alert. The social media platform has started this feature from Thursday. Facebook has taken this step to avoid confusing people with old news.

According to the new feature, if someone presses the share button to share an article older than 90 days, they will see a pop-up notification stating that this article is more than three months old. The company said that it was decided to introduce this feature in view of the concerns of the news outlets.

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“Over the past few months, our internal research team found that the time of writing an article is very important to decide what people read, whom to trust and whom to share,” said John Hageman, vice president of Facebook’s feed and story department. Do it The purpose of this feature is to help people identify which article is contemporary, reliable and important.

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