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China Hopes Locust Attack Can Save India From It

After the violent clash in Ladakh, the dragon is so upset that it is now expecting the locusts as well, to start a boycott of Chinese goods in India. He is making a vow that the locust teams attacking India should do so much damage that India cannot do a trade war against China. The Global Times, the mouthpiece of China’s ruling Communist Party, wrote that the locust party’s attack made it clear that India would not be able to launch a trade war against China. However, Indian analysts say that he is mistaking India as Pakistan.

The Global Times has said that if we look at the impact of earlier grasshopper attacks on other countries, it will have a huge impact on India’s economy and agriculture. The locust attack is more severe than expected and will require much effort to control. The article also said that apart from grasshoppers, Kovid-19 has also affected the Indian economy very badly. Several rating agencies have dropped India’s ratings. However, the mouthpiece referring to Corona did not write that due to China’s opacity and not giving information to other countries on time, Corona has lost millions of lives in the world.

The article further states that the grasshopper attack on India is like sprinkling salt on the burn. This will further hurt the Indian economy and will increase poverty and inequality. Accepting Boycott China as a strong action against itself, the Chinese government newspaper wrote that even under such circumstances if some Indians are thinking of taking drastic economic action against us through boycott of Chinese goods, then they do not Will find

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China, which has not yet expressed regret for the millions of people killed around the world, said that it was sad to see the scorching heat and now the locust attack in India after the lockdown. China has now said that no one wants a dispute with its neighbor over the border, after the same response from India in the same language on the offensive of Line of Actual Control.

Apart from India, China, which is surrounded by many countries like China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and America, is now crying that its soldiers have been killed in the clash, so do not increase tension. The Global Times wrote, “We understand that some Indians have a greater sense of nationalism, but it should be understood that the border dispute has killed and damaged both sides.” Now it is time to reduce stress.

The article said that some anti-China groups and leaders want to divert people’s attention from domestic problems by taking drastic action against China, but they ignore that it does not have strength in the Indian economy. They should understand that their country will not be able to sustain economic confrontation for long.

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