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China doing construction on LAC even after talking about retreating

On the one hand, China has been agreeing to reduce tensions and retreat at the military commanders’ meeting, while on the other hand its forces have been intensifying their construction near the LAC (Line of Actual Control). But the satellite photos have exposed it. It is also clear from these pictures that even after the consent made on June 6, he continues to build on LAC.

Recently released photographs by satellite company Maxor Technology also make it clear that China is continuously building in the area near the Galvan Valley that India claims. These constructions were made rapidly after 22 May. Meanwhile, on June 6, the two countries agreed to return to the former position, but China continued to build in the Galvan Valley despite this.

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Photographs released by Maxer Technologies as of June 23 show large-scale construction on the banks of the Galvan River, while May 22 pictures indicate construction to begin. But it is clear from the pictures of June 23 that despite the process of negotiation, the construction was continued. China continued to build despite the bloody conflict between the armies of the two countries in the Galvan Valley on 15 June, and the picture shows the large-scale construction by the Chinese.

It has also been claimed by Steve Wood, vice president of Maxer Technologies, that many of the construction took place near the bloody clash of 15 June. At the end of a road originating from where China has built a military base, an outpost hall has been built towards LAC. This has also been confirmed by military sources. At the same time it has also been feared that these activities of China are going on.

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