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Covid-19 test center to be seen on Google’s search, assistant and maps

Google has released a new feature for its search, assistant and maps, which will give users information about the nearby Covid-19 test center. For this, Google will take the help of information provided by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Migov and make the information of the authorized test lab available on its platform. Keeping in mind its huge userbase, Google said that this feature will support eight Indian languages ​​including Hindi and English.

Coronavirus related content will be searched on Google. If we search for coronavirus testing as an example, the search and assistant platforms will show a separate ‘testing’ lab in the search result. A separate webpage will open and a list will also come in which information about the test lab will be available nearby. Some guidelines will also be shown before using this service. While on Google Maps, when users search for keywords like Covid Testing and Coronavirus Testing, the information about the nearby Testing Lab will be found on the screen as below. Also a link will be found, in which the essential things have been told by the government.

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Currently, 700 testing lab information on Google’s search, assistant and maps have been included. Google said that it is now searching for the relevant authority and will soon include more testing lab information on the platform.

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