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Enactus Aryabhatta : A step towards a benign world

A group of students at Delhi University​ build a platform to help achieve SDGs.

While the nation is talking about the fragile mental and emotional state of today’s generation, there are a few who have been working to set an example that youth, if determined can do wonders for themselves and the society…Some students of Delhi University have been working towards a better and progressive society through their social upliftment platform. Enactus Aryabhatta is an innovative platform developed by the students of Delhi University to create a better world and uplift the standards of living of the underprivileged sections of the society.

Solemnly believing in their dictum, “We rise by lifting others”, the students are working immensely in fulfilling the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.

Through its various projects, Enactus has provided a platform to many social entrepreneurs which has improved their way of living. The students are working hard in developing new solutions to fight environmental problems that could also promote social welfare. Some of Their ongoing projects – Project Utkarsh and Project Palaash — have met these objectives and have impacted many lives.

Project Utkarsh simultaneously tackles the issues of gender biases, food wastage, and unhealthy consumption patterns by empowering underprivileged women through a source of earning by attaching an entrepreneurial approach to their existing skills of cooking.

Their product, Veggitos meets all the standards of healthy food and is gaining popularity among health-conscious people. These savories are made in a hygienic environment, use eco-friendly packaging, and have been approved/certified by FSSAI.

With each unit providing an employment opportunity to more than 8 women, Project Utkarsh has impacted more than 700 lives indirectly. Having saved over 90,000 gallons of water and 1200 kgs of water, the project has positively impacted the environment by reducing food and water wastage.

Another important project by the group is Project Palash, which aims to create employment opportunities for destitute community members and improve life underwater by creating organic dyes from the flowers that are thrown in water during religious practices. The entrepreneurs under this project undergo skill development training for dyeing and block printing on fabrics.

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The bio-waste generated from the dyeing process is used to create compost and the wastewater is further used to water plants. This model ensures effective and steady waste management.

Apart from cleaning our environment, this project has indirectly impacted more than 40 lives. The dupattas and scarves manufactured under project Palaash are sold directly to the customers through stalls set up at college fests, cultural fares, and handicraft outlets.

Romaana Aamir, an Associate Member of Enactus Aryabhatta says that if the organization is provided with enough funds, it could scale up the production level of each project and provide us with the essential commodities and resources, benefitting both the entrepreneurs and the consumers.

The government, the corporates looking for CSR opportunities, and even individuals willing to be a part of those contributing towards a better society can look up to these projects and do the best they can for more positive outcomes.

Devanshi Singh


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