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Transfer of IPS Prayagraj SSP, fraudulent disclosure in 69 thousand teacher recruitment, not yet found any new posting

The state government has lately transferred 14 IPS officers. It also has the name of Satyarth Anirudh Pankaj, SSP of Prayagraj. Satyarth Anirudh Pankaj had disclosed the fraud in recruitment of 69 thousand assistant teachers along with his team. There have also been many arrests in this case. The STF is now investigating the case and efforts are underway to arrest the main accused of forgery, Chandra Yadav.

Satyarth Anirudh is yet to be given a new posting after Prayagraj’s removal from SSP post, he is awaited, while SP Pilibhit Abhishek Dixit has now been given the command of Prayagraj.

SSP had filed the case

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In the 69000 assistant teacher recruitment, the candidate was accusing the accused of committing fraud against Dr. Krishna Lal Patel, but no one was willing to file a case against Tahrir. The candidates from whom the members of this gang had recovered lakhs of rupees were also not coming forward due to fear. On June 4, when a candidate from Pratapgarh, Rahul Singh approached the SSP, immediate action started. SSP Satyarth Anirudh Pankaj filed a case against Rahul’s Tahrir at Soraon police station.

The SSP has engaged ASP Ashok Venkatesh and Anil Yadav to demolish the system of mafias who kill honest, hard working candidates by making a dent in the foundation of the education world. Results started coming in a few hours. In the beginning, the police took the six suspects from a car into custody with seven and a half lakh rupees. Police officers, like the CBI, interrogated Dr. Krishna Lal Patel, school director Lalit Tripathi and Lekhpal Santosh Bindoo, who were involved in the gang, and recovered more than 22 lakh cash.

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