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Third forgery caught after Anamika Shukla, now fake teacher found in the name of Preity Yadav

Another case has been reported in UP on the lines of Gonda’s Anamika Shukla. The fake teachers were working in the Kasturba Gandhi residential school in Jaunpur and Azamgarh on the certificate of Preity Yadav here, the same real Preity Yadav is still unemployed. Earlier, it has also been revealed to do a job in Mainpuri in the name of Deepti Singh.

According to the information, in the test of data uploaded on Prerna Portal and Deeksha App, this case of working in two places in the name of Preity Yadav came out. Both teachers have uploaded the same Aadhaar number. In both the districts, the certificates were found to be the same. One fake teacher was posted as a full-time teacher at KGBV Muftiganj Jaunpur and the other was posted as warden at KGBV Powai, Azamgarh. Both had different addresses.

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When the Basic Education Officers of Jaunpur and Azamgarh matched the original educational, residence and identity certificate, it was revealed that they got the job on the basis of fake certificates. Instructions have been given to register FIRs at both the places, and the BSA of Jaunpur found Preity Yadav with original certificates. Preeti, who hails from Sikkara, does not work anywhere. At the same time, fake teacher reached school in Azamgarh on 9 June. But in the name of checking the certificates escaped. Salary will be recovered with FIR at both the places. STF is investigating the Anamika Shukla episode in KGBV. Departmental investigation has revealed the recruitment of Anamika in 9 places and jobs in 6 places.

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