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Akash Chopra, furious over the video ‘Afridi gets punished for misdeeds’, wrote on Twitter – What are the things of the past?

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi said on Twitter on Friday that he has been found to be Kovid positive. Afridi appealed to the people to pray for his speedy recovery. Gautam Gambhir, a former Team India opener, reacted to this, saying that though he may have political differences with Afridi, he prays for his early recovery.


Former opener and star Hindi commentator Akash Chopra has reacted to the negative comments about Afridi via Twitter. Akash wrote in a rage that whether sensitivity and humanity have become an old-fashioned thing.

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Akash Chopra has shared a screenshot of a YouTube video with his tweet, which has the headline – ‘Afridi is found guilty of misdeeds, Shahid Afridi was found to be Corona positive’. Sharing this, Akash Chopra wrote, ‘Are you serious? Are sensitivity and humanity a thing of the past? Shahid, will you be well soon? ‘


Shahid Afridi had recently made such a statement about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which had a lot of controversy. Afridi described PM Modi as a disease more than corona. Gambhir, Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh also lashed Afridi fiercely about this.

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