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Amir Siddiqui has again got himself in trouble.

Devanshi Singh

This might be a rough time for the Siddiqui brothers. After the suspension of Faisal Siddiqui’s account due to a complaint filed by the National Commission of Women, it was his brother’s, Amir Siddiqui’s, account which got suspended next.

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Amir Siddiqui, the famous tiktoker with 3.8 Million followers who recently got involved in the YouTube vs TikTok controversy after uploading an IGTV video, got his TikTok account banned due to multiple Community Guidelines violations.

This happened after Noor Siddique, the casting director of Toker House who casts major tiktokers for the show, uploaded an IGTV video calling out Amir’s cheap acts of publicity. Amir posted a defamatory comment on this video and sent some threatening messages to Noor Siddique.

In another video posted by Noor Siddique, his lawyer, Ali Kaashif Khan said that they have filed an NC against Amir at the Versova Police Station under sections 504, 506, 507, and sent a defamation notice to Amir on WhatsApp.

According to reports in media, Ali confirmed that Amir Siddiqui’s account was deleted after legal action was taken by Noor Siddique and that Noor had personally complained to TikTok company about Amir Siddiqui’s misconduct due to which the app had to face a lot of criticism and its rating fell from 4.6 to 1.2.

Youtube vs Tiktok : Amir Siddhiqui apologises for his actions

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