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Youtube vs Tiktok : memers standup with Carryminati, #justiceforcarry trends on social media

With youtube taking down his most popular video, Carryminati has earned respect and a huge number of followers and supporters on all social media platforms and many of them have started campaigning in his support.

With CarryMinati’s video “The End” been taken down, the ongoing popular controversy between the YouTube community and the TikTok community has taken a big leap. Many hashtags like #justiceforcarry and #Bantiktok, have been started by his fans in his support which has resulted in dropping of TikTok’s ratings from 4.6 to 1.2.

After Amir Siddique’s video, explaining the reason for uploading the deleted IGTV video, CarryMinati has finally broken his silence over his deleted video and uploaded a new video on his Youtube channel titled “Stop Making Assumptions: YouTube vs TikTok: The End”. This is his first video since his previous video titled “Youtube vs Tiktok: The End” got removed from Youtube on 14th May.

With disappointment clearly visible on his face, CarryMinati, in his latest video, has shared his confusion as to why his previous video got taken down from YouTube and requested people to not represent his dialogues without the full context and their assumptions as facts. Citing an example from his previous video, he explained the context of his dialogue “mithai ki dukaan pe leke jaunga 200 mein bik jayega” which was used by his fans in different contexts. In its first day itself, the video got over 26 Million views and has now crossed 40.6 Million views and has earned 7.2 Million Likes.A day before this video was uploaded, CarryMinati posted a message on Twitter and Instagram, showing his gratitude towards people for supporting and loving him and also his disappointment over the fact that the record-breaking video got taken down from YouTube.

Some popular Indian YouTubers replied to these posts on both platforms:

Bhuvan Bam replied to this post on twitter saying, “Deep down everyone will remember that yours was/will be the most liked YT video ever. We love you.

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Harshbeniwal on Instagram replied, “Being a Youtuber I feel proud Bhai Bhai tune Janta kamayi hai or unka Pyaar Kabhi delete
nhin Hoga”

ashishchanchlani on Instagram replied, “Carry, mere Bhai ye video gayi toh kya ho Gaya? Agli mein record tod dena bc, Hum sab tere saath hai, in sab se ek cheez pata chal gayi Public mein tere lie pyaar Aur wo duniya ke har record se upar hai”


The post has received over 2.8 Million likes on Instagram and 239.9K likes and 45.4K Retweets on Twitter.

Devanshi Singh 
Dhule, Maharashtra 

Youtube vs Tiktok : Amir Siddhiqui apologises for his actions

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