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Youtube vs Tiktok : Amir Siddhiqui apologises for his actions

While Amir apologized for his actions in his latest video, he also took up the issue of cyberbullying.Says Devanshi Singh

As CarryMinati’s immensely popular video “The End” was breaking records, Amir Siddiqui uploaded a new video on YouTube in response to the growing hate for the TikTok community among the YouTube fans.

CarryMinati’s video “YouTube vs Tiktok: The End”, was gaining more and more popularity while breaking many records on YouTube. It became the world’s 2nd most liked non-musical YouTube video and was about to become the first in a day or two. It was the fastest Indian video to reach 1M (2 hours) likes and the first to get 10M likes. The video brought him 1.4 M subscribers in just 1 day.

This record-breaking spree of the video was broken when the video got removed from YouTube after Amir Siddiqui uploaded this video. In this video titled, “Amir Siddiqui reply to Carry | YouTubers vs Tiktokers | Spread Peace, Remove Hate”, Amir explained why he uploaded the IGTV video and tagged the YouTubers (including CarryMinati) and also why he had to take it down.

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After making an apology for his actions, Amir brought up the issue of cyberbullying in his video. He accused the YouTubers Elvish Yadav and Lakshay Chaudhary of bullying and insulting some female TikTok creators in their videos because of which the girls started receiving negative messages and even rape threats.

He made an appeal to all the YouTubers to stop cyberbullying in the name of roasting and started a new hashtag #AmirAgainstCyberBullying. Cyberbullying is a dark side of social media technology that is used to harass someone using electronic devices or the internet.

After this video got uploaded, CarryMinati’s video “The End” got taken down from the platform on the grounds of harassment and bullying. But since there is no mention of bullying in Amir’s IGTV video, youtube fans are convinced that this is a fake apology and is just a move to clear out his name from this controversy. This is why out of the 5M views, it has received fewer likes (102K) and more dislikes (880K).

Devanshi Singh
Dhule, Maharashtra

Youtube V/S Tiktok : The journey of Internets biggest controversy

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