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Youtube V/S Tiktok : The journey of Internets biggest controversy

While the internet is at storm and divided on whether who is better- the youtubers or the tiktokers, Devanshi Singh informs where it all started

The ongoing popular internet controversy between YouTube and the TikTok communities has made the headlines quite a few times. Many people don’t know about the real origin story of the controversy and believe it to be from CarryMinati’s video. What seems like a fight started by CarryMinati’s video “The End”, actually started way before the video was uploaded on YouTube.

YouTubers have been roasting tiktokers and their “cringe content” in their videos for a long time. One such video, “Elvish Yadav Roasting Tiktokers” uploaded by Elvish Yadav on his YouTube channel caught the attention of many tiktokers and offended them. After this video got uploaded, there came a series of videos with tiktokers and YouTubers reacting to each other’s roasts which even caused a few female tiktokers to receive some very negative comments and rape threats.

Revolver Rani, a tiktoker who had been roasted in Elvish Yadav’s video, also started getting these negative comments and rape threats. She uploaded multiple stories asking people to stop such hatred and even talked about the legal punishments for this in her stories.

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Amir Siddiqui, a tiktoker who took a stand for his TikTok community uploaded an IGTV video talking about how TikTok was superior to YouTube in content, engagement, and brand deals. He tagged many YouTubers like CarryMinati, Elvish Yadav, and Lakshay Chaudhary in his video. This invited many YouTubers to make more roasting videos in reaction to this IGTV video.

CarryMinati also uploaded his popular video “YouTube vs Tiktok: The End”, roasting and replying to Amir’s points. This video started gaining views and likes very rapidly. It broke many records like the fastest Indian Youtube video to 1 million likes and the first to 10 Million likes. It became the world’s second most liked non-musical YouTube video and with that pace was about to become the first in a day or two. Memes based on this video and this controversy became viral and covered many Twitter feeds.

This battle reached its pinnacle when a week later the video got taken down from YouTube on grounds of harassment and bullying and YouTube fans came together to support CarryMinati. The battle between the two communities has not yet ended and has resulted in some major worry issues for the TikTok app.

Devanshi Singh 
Dhule, Maharashtra

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