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Vice President warns Pakistan in gestures

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday indirectly targeted Pakistan, saying that despite “severe provocation”, India is acting with restraint but if there is an attack, it will be answered that they will not forget. He made this comment on the occasion of the release of a collection of 95 speeches given by President Ramnath Kovind during the second year of his tenure.

The titles of these books are ‘Republican Ethic (Volume 2)’ in English and ‘Swaraj of Democracy (Volume 2)’ in Hindi. These were published by the Department of Publications under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Citing an excerpt from the book on India’s commitment to safeguard the sovereignty of the country through peaceful means, the Vice President said that India has always been strictly adhering to the values ​​of peace and cooperation but warned that it was against anyone Will also give a befitting reply to the aggressive act.

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Venkaiah Naidu said, “If you look at the history of India, it has never been an aggressor, never attacked any country despite being seen as a ‘world guru’ and having the highest GDP much ahead of others. India has never attacked any other country. “Naidu said,” All the others came and attacked us, ruled, ruined us and betrayed us … But we Indians have never attacked any country Did not attack

“He said that India believes that the whole world is a family and hence why would it fight?” He said that problems can be solved with dialogue, discussion and debate and this is the way forward. The Vice President said, “If you want to live with peace and harmony, then you should live together, work together and then move forward together.” This is the philosophy of India. “

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